Breakout Track Schedule

September 23 — Day One

8:00 – 9:30 am Opening Plenary
8:00 – 8:10 am Katrin Klingenberg PHIUS Welcome & Opening of the 11th Annual North American Passive House Conference
8:10 – 8:30 am Anne Fadullon

Director of Planning and Development for the City of Philadelphia

Welcome on behalf of the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office
8:30 am – 9:20 am Zack Semke

Director of Business Development, NK Architects

Visionary Keynote: On Buildings, Swans, and the Power of Arithmetic (link hosted by NK Architects)
9:20 – 9:35 am Dan Whitmore

PHAUS Council Chair

PHAUS Updates
9:35 – 10:00 am Coffee break
10:00 am – 12:00 pm Breakout sessions (unless otherwise noted, presentations run 35 minutes)
Track 1

Case Studies: Passive Retrofits

Track 2

Panel: Affordable
Incentive Programs

Track 3

Materials & Technologies – Insulation Re-Examined

Track 4

QAQC: Reports from the Field

Room: Orchestra Room: Aria Room: Concerto Room: Maestro
Moderator Alexis Karolides

Sebastian Moreno-Vacca, Julie Torres Moskovitz

Commercial Passive Retrofit in NYC (pdf)

Laura Blau,
Paul Thompson

Retrofit Challenges – A 4 Unit Townhouse Development, Philadelphia PA (pdf)

James Hartford, John Loercher

An Architect’s Office – Retrofit into a Studio, Hudson Valley (pdf)

Moderator Katrin Klingenberg

Stan Salwocki (15 min)

PHFA Progress Report (pdf)

Mike Harsma, Charles MacBride (15 min)

The South Dakota Passive Project, SDHA

Chris Mahase (15 min)

NYC HPD (Housing, Planning and Development Authority) RFP for the Largest US Passive Building Pilot in Harlem

Linda Metropolus (15 min)

Developer’s Lessons Learned from the very First Completed PHFA-Funded Passive Building Project in Pittsburgh (pdf)


Discussion (45 min)

Moderator Alan Gibson

Prudence Ferreira

A Closer Look at Cellulose (pdf)

Allison Bailes

Global Warming Potential of Insulation Materials Revisited (10MB pdf)

Alejandra Nieto

Mineral Wool Insulation – Measured Hygrothermal Performance of a Passive Building Wall Employing Mineral Wool External Insulation in the Northwest (pdf)

Moderator Lance Wright

Lois Arena

QAQC Process for the Cornell Tower – Lessons Learned (pdf)

Chris McTaggart,
Cindy Wasser

Avoiding IAQ Pitfalls During the PHIUS+ Certification Process (pdf)

Adam Ugliuzza

Advanced Whole Building Air
Testing (10MB pdf)

12:00 – 12:30 pm Exhibitors and Prep for Lunch
12:30 – 1:30 pm Lunch & Manufacturer Exhibit
12:30 – 1:30 pm Lunch Presentation Lisa White
Cliff’s Notes: PHIUS+2015 Passive Building Standard (pdf)
1:30 – 3:30 pm Breakout sessions (unless otherwise noted, presentations run 35 minutes)
Track 1

Case Studies:
Affordable Multifamily Passive Projects I

Track 2

Passive + Solar for Greater Resilience

Track 3

Case Studies: Windows and Comfort

Track 4

Building Science & Modeling Tools

Room: Orchestra Room: Aria Room: Concerto Room: Maestro
Moderator Alexis Karolides

Prudence Ferreira, Galen Staengl, Jonathan Arnold

Second + Delaware, Kansas – To-Date Largest Affordable/ Market Rate Passive Building Development Under Construction (25MB pdf)

Jesse Thompson

47 Unit Affordable Passive Project in Maine – Bayside Anchor (26MB pdf)

Mike Steffen, Michael Bonn, Ben Sturtz

Orchards at Orenco, Hillsboro, Oregon Phase II: Optimization of Cost and PHIUS+ (22MB pdf – includes entire set of Pre-Conference Multifamily-palooza slides)

Moderator Terry Hill

Graham Irwin (20 min)

Getting Real About Renewable – Passive House and the Future of Energy (18MB pdf)

Rob Sanders (20 min)

The Economics of Solar + Storage

Michael Hindle (20 min)

Resilient Communities – Baltimore Competition 2nd Place Winner (30MB pdf)

Ryan Abendroth (20 min)

Grid Up or Down

Panel discussion (40 min)


Moderator TBD

Robert Clarke, Alison Ray

Advanced Passive House Window Technology for 2017 and Beyond

Graham Wright

Windows, Comfort & Resilience (pdf)

Jim Larsen

Choosing glazing packages for optimal thermal and structural performance based on climate (pdf)


Moderator Sy Safi

Florian Antretter

A New Shading Model (pdf)

Mark Walter

Application of WUFI® Passive for Analyzing Climate-Specific Heat Losses to the Ground II (pdf)

Keith Simon, Jason Wrobel

Hygrothermal Modeling Case Studies for the Climate of Texas (15MB pdf)

3:30 – 4:00 pm Coffee break
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Breakout sessions (unless otherwise noted, presentations run 35 minutes)
Track 1

Case Studies:

Affordable Multifamily Passive Projects II

Track 2

Architects & Practitioners Hootenanny:
Business and Aesthetics

Track 3

Panel: Scaling Up – Pre-Fab Solutions 

Track 4

Evaluation, Financing and Marketing

Room: Orchestra Room: Aria Room: Concerto Room: Maestro
Moderator Lance Wrtight

John Semmelhack

One of the First Incentivized PHFA Passive Projects: 64 Unit Senior Housing in Pittsburgh, PA

Steve Bluestone

Beach Green North – First Affordable Midrise with 101 Units Nears Completion in Queens, NY (pdf)

Lisa White,
James Ortega

Measured vs. Modeled Performance Data Analysis for First Affordable Occupied Passive Multifamily Projects – Stellar Apartments OR, Orenco Phase I OR, Knickerbocker, NYC (pdf)

Moderator Tom Bassett-Dilley

Designing the Passive Future

David Peabody,

Laura Blau,

Alan Barlis,

Laura Briggs

Moderator Katrin Klingenberg

Panel Presentations:

Adam Cohen (15 min)

Integrating High Performance and Modular Theory for Design, Manufacturing and Construction (pdf)

Richard Pedranti,
Chris Corson (15 min)

Pre-Fabricated Wall System (17MB pdf)

Alan Gibson (15 min)

Pre-Fab Swedish Style

Tedd Benson (15 min)

The Unity Home (pdf)

Greg Hale (15 min)

NYC High-Performance Multifamily Retrofits

Discussion (45 min)

Moderator Russell Richman

Kerry Langley

Mortgage Evaluation Tool

Michael Hobbs

Green Appraisal Progress Report

Peter Troast

Market Analysis of Who Buys High-Performance Buildings / Townhouses / Apartments and How to Market to the Target Audience


6:00 – 8:00 pm Exhibit Hall Event “Innovations Live” Presentations & Reception
8:00 – 10:00 pm Annual PHAUS Member Meeting


September 24 — Day Two

8:00 – 8:50 am Plenary Day Two
Joe Lstiburek, PhD

Building Science Corporation

Technical Keynote:

The Perfect Wall Got Even More Perfect –Walls, Roofs, Foundations… for All Climates (link hosted by Building Science Corporation)

9:00 – 11:00 am Breakout sessions (unless otherwise noted, presentations run 35 minutes)
Track 1
Ventilation, Space Conditioning
Track 2

Builders Hootenanny

Track 3

Global Case Studies:
Bhutan, China, Belgium

Track 4

Educators Hootenanny: University Pilots

Room: Orchestra Room: Aria Room: Concerto Room: Maestro
Moderator Allison Bailes

Marc Rosenbaum

What’s Up with Ventilation Systems in our Passive Houses – Measured vs. Tested (pdf)

Rolf Jacobson

GSHP & ASHP Performance Results: Largest Monitoring Study (pdf)

Katrin Klingenberg

PHIUS+ Ventilation Requirements and Best Practice Recommendations (pdf)


Moderator Mike Steffen

Cost-Optimization Strategies

Dan Whitmore,

Alan Gibson,

Chris Corson,

Tedd Benson

 Moderator TBD

Dan Whitmore

A Passive Building Law School Campus in Bhutan

Sichen Guo (Nancy)

Status Update and Challenges of Implementing Passive Buildings in China

Sebastian Moreno-Vacca, Julie Willem 

Update from Belgium – Two Years into Passive Building Standards as National Building Code (pdf)

Moderator Mary Rogero

Laura Briggs, Ryan Abendroth (20 min)

Integrating Passive House and Curriculum – Rhode Island School of Design and Washington University

Shelly Pottorf, Alexis Borman, Yasmine Parker (20 min)

Texas A&M, Prairie View – Department of Energy Race to Zero Overall Winner 2016: PHIUS+ 2015 Home Project for a Hot and Humid Climate in Texas (13MB pdf)

Mark Flynn,
Madison Dozzi-Perry (20 min)

Ryerson University, Toronto – Department of Energy Race to Zero 2016 Winner: PHIUS+ 2015 Project for a Cold Climate, Canada (25MB pdf)

Charles MacBride (20 min)

South Dakota State University – Passive Building Curriculum with Design Build Requirement

Panel discussion (40 min)

11:00 – 11:30 am Exhibitors and Prep for Lunch
11:30 – 12:30 pm Exhibitors and Lunch
12:30 – 2:30 pm Breakout sessions (unless otherwise noted, presentations run 35 minutes)
Track 1

Case Studies:
Single Family

Track 2

Passive/Zero Buildings & Indoor Air Quality

Track 3

Passive Building Science, Systems & Components

Track 4

New Frontiers: Passive at the Core of the New Grid

Room: Orchestra Room: Aria Room: Concerto Room: Maestro
Moderator Sy Safi

Dan Porzel, Ryan Abendroth

Project 580 – Measured Performance Results for a Passive Home Project in Indiana

Laura Blau, Chris Hanson, Juan Levy, Kevin Davey

Italian Market, Philadelphia, PA (pdf)

Tessa Smith,
Skylar Swinford

Three Single Family Case Studies in the Pacific Northwest (22MB pdf)

Moderator Lance Wright

Karla Butterfield

Compatibility & Conflict within Certification Programs (pdf)

Ryan Dick,
Shona O’Dea

Indoor Air Quality Rating and Monitoring System (pdf)

Ben Newell, Alex Long

A new Indoor Air Quality Standard (pdf)


 Moderator TBD

Gary Klein

The Efficient Hot Water System with Special Focus on Multifamily On-Demand Solutions

Bjoern Kethorn

Durable Joint Sealing Considering Different Climate Zones (pdf)

Natalie Leonard

Proven Air Sealing Methods and Execution

Moderator Terry Hill

Brian Patterson

The Enernet of Things

Tim Martinson

The Direct Current Capable Passive Home as Basis for Re-Architecting the Grid, Microgrid Design, and Energy Sharing

Chris Ball

Taking an Entire Community to Energy Independence – City of Bloomfield, Iowa, a Case Study

2:30 – 3:00 pm Coffee break
3:00 – 5:00 pm Breakout sessions (unless otherwise noted, presentations run 35 minutes)
Track 1

Successful Business and Project Delivery Models

Track 2

Policy, Codes & Incentives

Track 3

Case Studies: Office Buildings

Track 4

Space Conditioning Systems and Thermal Comfort

Room: Orchestra Room: Aria Room: Concerto Room: Maestro
Moderator Sy Safi

Tom Bassett-Dilley,
Brandon Weiss

Economic analysis of construction vs energy cost on two built homes (pdf)

Tim Weyand

Economics of Passive House Delivery and City of Seattle Multifamily Passive Incentive Project (pdf)

Jordan Dentz,
Alan Barlis

Passive Without Compromise – A Church in Kinderhook, NY & Two Residences (14MB pdf)


Moderator Alex Dews

Richard Freeh (20 min):

Energy Efficiency and Philadelphia

Elizabeth Hahn (20 min):

Passive House and Codes in Philadelphia

Gwen McLaughlin (20 min)

New NYSERDA Multifamily Incentive Program (pdf)

Ellen Vaughn (20 min)

Energy Efficiency Policy in Washington DC (pdf)

Discussion (40 min)

Moderator Lance Wright

Scott Kelly,
David Salamon

Zero Energy – Passive Office Building Design Guidelines (10MB pdf)

Hayes Zirnhelt

Rocky Mountain Institute New Headquarters, Basalt, CO – Monitored Data for the First PHIUS+ Source Zero Certified Office Building (pdf)

Andrew Steingiser,
James Ortega

Case Study PHIUS+ 2015: Boston, MA (13MB pdf)

Moderator Alan Gibson

David Holtzclaw

Peak Load Calculation Comparison Between WUFI Passive Static Method and Manual J

Travis Smith

Low Temperature Hydronic Heating System for Cold Climates (pdf)

Achilles Karagiozis

Comparison of Comfort in Code Level Homes and Passive Buildings

5:05 – 5:45 pm Closing Remarks Katrin Klingenberg: The Next 10 years – Unlocking the Market (10MB pdf)
6:30 – 9:00 pm Evening Event PHAUS Party & Social Event at Lucky Strike Lanes